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Fay initially researched the natural oils the skin needs, particularly in Australia's harsh climate and created a base to which she adds essential oils and vitamins that boost skin renewal.

Fay made samples and gave some to her friends to try. Soon their friends also wanted some and so a market developed for this new skin care product - FAYCE.  Little did Fay know that within a couple of years she would be selling her products all over Australia and even overseas.

Each batch is made by hand; Fay is continually researching the requirements of the skin and adds ingredients she feels are beneficial. She uses some of each batch herself and says "Why wouldn't I use the best of everything on my own skin?"

FAYCE moisturisers are completely natural. They contain no petrochemicals or harsh chemical preservatives. It is Fay's belief that it is these preservatives that cause so many skin problems and irritations today.

FAYCE is totally committed to good skin health. We believe that if ones skin is healthy, one looks well and even younger!!  We also dislike the way many brands recommend so many different products and people end up with a cupboard full of half-empty bottles.

Our FAYCE Products are packaged in glass because it is the cleanest, there is no risk of chemicals leaching out and compromising the purity of the natural product inside. Glass is also easily sterilised and it is easy to recycle. Glass is best for your products and for our environment.

So great has been the demand for these products and many years have passed, Fay's daughter Virginia Debus now owns and runs the business. Virginia’s background in Food Science, working for multinational food companies in test kitchens and research laboratories developing new products has enabled Virginia to test and develop new products and expand the FAYCE product range.